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Outsourcing your IT needs to IBM helps enable you to focus on strategic direction while trusting IBM to manage the day-to-day operations that monopolize your time. Consider the breadth of IBM expertise and experience managing business processes, applications and IT infrastructure.

Industry-specific business processes are available 24/7. When your company is looking to access new business services quickly and cost-effectively, IBM hosted business processes can be the answer. IBM provides one of the most comprehensive application hosting capabilities in the industry - from basic support to global deployments.

By outsourcing to IBM, you can leverage the leading business applications that can help reduce your time-to-market or boost customer satisfaction without the usual upfront infrastructure costs - or the ongoing implementation and management headaches.

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Applications on Demand

Pay-as-you-go infrastructure and application management services for SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, and Lotus.


IT outsourcing and hosting

With IBM IT Outsourcing you can benefit from IBM global expertise in the management of applications and other IT components in either a hosted or onsite arrangement

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