Onsite data protection

Facilitate greater business resilience with onsite data protection

As corporate risk management increases the need for greater business resilience and data protection, you need a reliable data backup and restore system. But backup and recovery is becoming too complex and expensive to be managed in house.

IBM SmartCloud Managed Backup - onsite data protection can provide more consistent, reliable data protection as a managed service. We can deliver leading-practice data backup and restore capabilities at a more affordable cost.



Service detail

Service details

Do you want to reduce your exposure to data loss and have your data protected soon after it is created? Do you know what your organisation’s successful backup percentage rate is? Unsuccessful backups and long restore times can expose your business to data loss and can negatively impact your organisation’s finances. Also, your IT staff might not have the capabilities or bandwidth to support data protection needs above other high priority work.

IBM SmartCloud Managed Backup - onsite data protection is a time-tested solution that can help you achieve more consistent, reliable data protection. Our validated components help ensure high reliability while more frequent backups mean less risk for your data. Our managed service includes the testing and deployment of an on-site data protection infrastructure that can include disk and tape hardware and software tailored to your unique business needs. Your data protection solution is monitored and managed for optimum business resilience, allowing your IT staff to focus on other priorities.

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