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Build agile, intelligent and secure network connections to help support your cloud, analytics, mobility and social business initiatives.


IBM Networking Services provide a single vision that ensures your network is ready to rapidly respond to changing business needs across multiple devices, applications and locations. We help you achieve a simplified, agile, cost-effective and security-rich networking infrastructure that can support innovation and deliver business value.


Consolidate and virtualise

Consolidate network appliances, converge networks and unify communications

Optimise and standardise

Centralise network and communications and adopt standardisation for greater consistency

Optimise dynamically

Use advanced analytics, near real-time feedback and dynamic response models

Simplify and automate

Reduce complexity through virtualisation, Software Defined Networks and automation


Redefining networks for cloud, analytics, mobile, social and security

Cloud, analytics, mobile, social and security place new demands on enterprise LAN, WLAN and data centre networks. Is your network ready to cope with these demands?

IBM MobileFirst Network Services

Companies with enterprise-wide mobile strategy are 2x more likely to grow by at least 10%. IBM MobileFirst Network Services brings focus and speed to your projects and helps you lower costs.

Is your network ready for today's advanced technologies?

New technology adoption is pushing enterprise networks to the breaking point. Is your network ready?

Telstra enjoys outstanding network support with IBM

Telstra needed a support partner to help manage the Juniper Networks equipment used to provide wide-area network links to customer premises across Australia.

Melbourne Cricket Ground to take stadium technology and fan engagement to new levels

In conjunction with partners Cockram, IBM and Cisco, the MCG will progressively deliver solutions during 2015 that will connect fans and improve the spectator experience, bringing them closer to the action.

Services we offer

Cloud Networking

Enable and optimise your network before you move to a cloud environment

MobileFirst Network Services

Delivers services to assess, design and implement wireless infrastructure to connect employees and customers in support of mobile applications.

Software Defined Networks

Enable rapid deployment of your cloud applications with network virtualisation

Network Managed Services

Gain the ability to simplify and automate network management to enhance availability and better manage costs

Network Integration Services

Transform your networking environment for improved availability, reliability, performance and security

Network Strategy & Optimisation Services

Help your network become more responsive to shifting business demands and the latest trend

Network Security

Protect your network against security threats

Understand the issues

Redefining networks for cloud, analytics, mobile, social and security

Cloud, analytics, mobile, social and security place new demands on enterprise LAN, WLAN and data centre networks. IBM can help address these demands.


Networking for cloud computing

Since networks play an essential role in utilising and connecting IT resources in a cloud environment, its role in that environment should be addressed in the early stages of cloud planning


Understand the options

IBM & Cisco: Two companies, one team, infinite solutions.

Since 1999, IBM and Cisco have been helping organisations like yours use groundbreaking technologies and take advantage of world-class services to find better ways to connect people, share critical data and create analytic insights to increase business results.

IBM & Juniper Networks: Networks built for a fast-moving hyperconnected world

IBM and Juniper are leveraging complementary skill sets, collaborative innovation and a demonstrated commitment to open, robust networking and security solutions to create world class networks together.


¹Understanding the economics of IT risk and reputation—Implications of the IBM Global Study on the economic impact of IT risk,” IBM, 2013. (US)

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