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By enabling integration of applications, services and platforms, an effective middleware design can help deliver multiple benefits. Along with more efficient, optimized use of available IT resources, middleware can support collaboration, improve system performance and availability and offer flexibility. First, however, you need to develop a strategy and design that define your vision for delivering a middleware infrastructure. Without expert planning and architecture during implementation, a middleware infrastructure can be difficult to manage, expensive to operate and underutilized.

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IBM Middleware Strategy and Design Services can help you get started with planning and designing your middleware infrastructure to align with your business objectives. Our middleware services are designed to help reduce the complexity, risk and cost for implementation while enabling you to realize a faster return on investment. Our disciplined methodology includes strategy definition, assessment and benchmarking of your existing IT capabilities and plan documentation. We also provide workshops and case building, as well as help you identify initiatives as a part of a prioritized roadmap. Through collaborative planning, our consulting service can help you:

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Service details

Traditional application providers and project-oriented consulting firms often lack expertise across process and technology environments. IBM combines broad expertise, experience, assets and proven delivery methods with a pragmatic approach to planning and design. Our versatile reference architecture is a proven resource that can provide a blueprint for you to build an optimized and agile environment. In addition, we have the depth and breadth of products, services and skills in related areas-such as virtualization, service-oriented architecture (SOA) and IT service management-to provide comprehensive support to your IT initiatives.

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