IBM Managed and Cloud Services

Managed services and cloud computingimproving service,reducing cost and risk

IBM Managed and Cloud Services

To drive innovation, compete globally and improve profitability, CIOs and IT managers must provide consistent, high-quality services. CFOs, however, are focused on cost-cutting, and many businesses are rethinking their sourcing strategies. Using managed services to complement in-house IT staff is one potential solution to deliver higher quality service while reducing costs.

IBM’s Managed Services solutions offer your organisation a simple, efficient and cost-effective way to delegate time-consuming and complex IT activities to professionals equipped to manage them, so that internal resources can refocus on strategic initiatives.

IBM Managed Services offers you access to processes, tools and methodologies developed by IBM in our experience managing more than 2.4 million desktops, 206,000 midrange and mainframe servers, 100's of unique processes and applications and over 450 datacenters across the globe. These services help you free up IT staff while establishing a collaborative, innovative computing environment to support your business without significant up-front costs.

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