IT Facilities Consolidation and Relocation Services

Putting it all together… move with minimum disruption to operations

Migrates applications, data and IT equipment while helping to reduce risk and provide a near-seamless transition

Many companies are reexamining their data center portfolios and restructuring them for growth. Some are focused on contraction of the portfolio to reduce costs; others may view efficient expansion or new data centers as keys to success.

Consolidation to centralized infrastructures can optimize shared services that, in turn, help provide economies of scale that can cut costs and increase the return on IT investment. Yet, moving or relocating data centers can be challenging, costly and disruptive. IBM IT Facilities Consolidation and Relocation Services can help. The IBM team helps provide a smoother migration for users by moving dependent applications and equipment together for virtually flawless project execution. As a result, we help you reduce project risk by managing complexity, costs and your schedule, while at the same time helping you to meet your application availability needs.

What we offer

Data center consolidation and relocation (US)

Implement cost-effective application, data, IT and infrastructure equipment migrations and avoid unplanned outages

IT consolidation (US)

Logical first step in designing a more rational, efficient and resilient infrastructure.

Equipment modification (US)

IBM provides equipment modifications (EMOD), upgrades, installation, and testing of your systems.

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