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In today’s digital age, when even minutes of downtime can cause organisations catastrophic amounts of economic and reputational damage, a robust continuity strategy remains the most effective way to mitigate risks. But how prepared is your organisation to respond to the challenges of an unforeseen disruption?

Why consider IBM® for disaster recovery

Our Business Continuity and Resiliency Services (BCRS) are designed for clients who seek to proactively identify, understand, manage and respond to operational risks and business disruptions. Our solutions can help you maintain near-continuous business operations, enabling you to better protect your brand and remain a trusted provider to your customers and associates. Unlike competitors, we leverage our deep expertise and advanced tools to better understand your resilience needs, help design a security-rich business continuity plan to address your vulnerabilities, better manage your compliance requirements, and reduce overall risks read more...(PDF, 1.19MB)

The 2014 Cost of Data Breach Study

This year's independent annual study by the Ponemon Institute, examines the costs incurred by 22 Australian companies in 11 industries after they’d experienced the actual loss or theft of protected data, and then had to notify breach victims and/or regulators as required by law.

The following are just a few of the findings revealed by the study:

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The high costs of a disruption can extend to affect virtually every aspect of your business. So find out more about business continuity and the implications for your enterprise by reviewing the information resources below:

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VSR Bandwith Estimator

Use this tool to estimate both the time it would take to complete your first replication and the bandwidth required to maintain synchronisation with the IBM Resiliency Centre.

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