Managed Resiliency Services

IBM Managed Resiliency ServicesAvoid costly risks and downtime to
help support business continuity

IBM Managed Resiliency Services

Improving business resiliency and continuity is a top priority, but you can’t afford to increase capital expenditures or complexity. You need cost-effective, managed continuity services that can help reduce business disruptions.

IBM Managed Resiliency Services provides a wide range of proactive and event-driven managed business continuity and disaster recovery services to help you reduce risks and improve availability while controlling operational expenses.

IBM provides managed resiliency services that:

Today, more and more companies are moving toward zero tolerance for downtime. Business process outages can result in loss of productivity, customers and revenue. Ensuring business continuity through redundant data centres can help mitigate the impact of business disruptions—but it can also involve high costs and complexities. To support the growth of critical business systems and data while effectively managing compliance, you need a solution that gives you access to a dedicated, cost-effective data centre environment that can help ensure business resiliency and continuity.

IBM Managed Resiliency Services can help keep your critical business processes operational and business information accessible in the event of an outage with services to support integrated administration, monitoring, data protection and disaster recovery. We offer a wide range of proactive and event-driven managed services, enabling you to select capabilities based on the criticality of your data and processes. By managing and operating these services—either fully or partially—IBM can help you avoid downtime, improve staff productivity and manage operational expenses and regulatory requirements.

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