Public Key Infrastructure

A secure Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is a fast growing requirement for secure business transactions globally.

A secure Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is a fast growing requirement for secure business transactions globally. Many New Zealand companies use PKI technology to maintain a more secure environment. Typically what prevents a lot of customers implementing a secure PKI, is cost. However the IBM PKI Vault Service provides a cost effective solution so there is no longer a reason not to be secure.

Your company’s dependence on access to vital company data 24-7 creates potential business exposure if your systems were compromised. In today’s highly connected world where staff require access to sensitive company files such as legal documents on their mobile devices and laptops, as well as the need to send confidential information, it is important for you to secure the information being transferred.



By using digital certificates generated securely on the PKI Vault Service, you are able to:

Service detail

Service details


Solution overview - how does it work?
IBM Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Vault service - managed security cloud offering - is a remotely accessible PKI that is managed by IBM security experts. This cloud-based security offering is available for the protection of your company’s vital data. Subscribing to this service will mitigate a lot of the risks posed against business continuity, as well as providing substantial cost benefits compared to implementing your own PKI.

The PKI Vault Service provides client’s access to a shared secure PKI hosted in an IBM managed facility.

Pricing Structure

PKI Vault Services is charged on a monthly basis. Based on a three year contract, here is the pricing structure.

One Time Cost
Implementation $5, 500

On Going Cost
Year One $3, 500 per month
Year Two $3, 250 per month
Year Three $3, 000 per month

Client Case Study: First Mortgage Services needed a secure, on-demand hosting platform to underpin a product targeted at the risk-averse legal and lending industries. Read the full story... (803KB)

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