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Onze slimme en flexibele oplossingen zijn ontworpen en geprijsd voor het MKB en ontwikkeld voor snelle ROI en schaalbaarheid.


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Although the business world keeps changing, one thing never changes: Midmarket companies, led by creative people with entrepreneurial enthusiasm, remain a valuable source of innovation. As one of these leaders, you keep one eye on your business vision and another on basics, such as cost efficiencies, supplier and customer relations, productivity and security.

Explore ourservices midmarket business, and see how we can help you meet the challenges you face every day. At IBM, we're committed to delivering smart, flexible solutions exclusively designed, developed and priced for midmarket businesses.

Flexible solutions for your everyday business challenges

IBM solutions for midmarket business, including IBM Express Portfolio™ offerings, are designed to deploy quickly, deliver a rapid return on your investment and grow as you need them to.

Offerings include software, hardware, services and financing tailored to your needs and designed to help you meet these business challenges:

Why IBM?

We've worked with thousands of midmarket companies all over the world to help them reach their potential, and we'd like to work with you. Whether you need to dramatically reduce spam or dramatically increase service levels, we can help you effectively address your business problems. When you work with us, you draw on our industry-specific skills, business process expertise, tailored solutions and partner network.

As you browse our services, you’ll find that:

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