Why business resiliency is essential in an always-on world?

Always there, in an always-on world

More interconnected, more at risk

An outage of less than 20 minutes can cost $1m. Are you ready for an always-on world?

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Trust IBM resiliency professionals, time-tested methodologies and industry-leading cloud capabilities to help you maintain continuous business operations and improve overall resiliency.

Resiliency as a Service

What is the impact of Business Continuity Management on the cost of a data breach?

Transforming the delivery of resiliency for a hybrid cloud world

Mobile, social, the Internet of Things — technologies like these are reshaping business, making us more productive, flexible and responsive. But our growing reliance on their 24/7 availability also puts us more at risk when disaster strikes. Here are some things you should know about us:


Case Studies

Read how IBM resiliency services provides critical backup for South Korea’s paradise group

IBM Resiliency Services provides critical backup, full redundancy and a remote recovery site for South Korea’s Paradise Group

Read how IBM takes data protection to a new level

IBM takes data protection to a new level, 150 meters underground at the Lefdal Mine Datacenter in Norway

IBM resiliency services helped UmbraGroup with continuous replication to the IBM Cloud for up-to-the second data recovery.

Italian manufacturer UmbraGroup partners with IBM to ensure an always-on supply network for its global aerospace clients.

Read how Kutxabank embraces virtualization to build resilience into every transaction

Kutxabank embraces virtualization to build resilience into every transaction.



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Call: +31 (0) 20 514 5162

Call: +31 (0) 20 514 5162

Call: +31 (0) 20 514 5162


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Contact IBM

Pat Corcoran

Global Business Development Executive

For the last 26 out of my 38 years with IBM, I have been part of IBM Resiliency Services organization, helping IBM and our Clients think and deal with risks, crisis management, business continuity, business resiliency and security. Currently I'm a Global Business Development Executive, helping Clients understand the need for business resiliency, contiuity, recovery, etc. ... helping to elevate the discussion of risk & resiliency within their companies, and then helping them create global business resiliency solutions. I've had the honor of supporting or leading great teams of IBMers during crisis events in support of our Clients, and I travel around the globe sharing lessons learned with customers to demonstrate IBM's credibility and experience, and why IBM is the best supplier to partner with when it comes to "resiliency and risk"! It's a people job ... I help individuals keep their jobs because we help companies maintain continuous business operations and grow! A great job!

Daniel Witteveen, Director, Cloud Managed Backup & Data Virtualization

"Data is the new Natural Resource", with this in mind my focus and passion is on how we protect and virtualize our clients data to provide multiple use cases with out the explosive cost of storage The two primary focus areas of expertise that I bring is on our Cloud Based Managed Backup Solution, and Data Virtualization solution. Allowing our clients to backup/replicate data in a cloud based model or another premises, and use that protected data for multiple use cases, like recovery, Dev/Test, Analytics, backup. No longer should replicated or copy data sit idle waiting for a recovery. No longer should you have to have 5 copies of production data to handle each use case.

Ron Martin, Business Development Executive, IBM Resiliency Services

"IBM is a leader in the area of Enterprise Content Management. We are now enabling this capability as a Saas / Cloud solution to the marketplace. As the Business Development Executive for North America, my responsibility is to bring this solution to the marketplace. This entails educating the IBM Sales and technical people, development of marketing material and most importantly engaging with clients to discuss the value proposition of leveraging the Cloud to meet their Content Management / Archive business requirements."