Data center network security for cloud computing

Enable cloud computing with a scalable and security-rich network

With cloud computing, network security is critical to help protect your systems and data. But do you have the skills and experience to plan, design and implement network security features that can help reduce risk in your cloud computing environment? IBM Network Integration Services for data center networks - network security for cloud computing can provide the networking knowledge and understanding of security risks to help you achieve a security-rich, scalable cloud computing infrastructure.



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Service details

Emerging IT service delivery models like cloud computing offer flexibility and cost effectiveness but may also introduce significant security exposures. Understanding who accesses your network, the applications running on it and potential risks is essential for maintaining data security and integrity. At the same time, you need a scalable, high-performance enterprise IT infrastructure to successfully deliver a cloud computing environment. To do this, you need security solutions as ubiquitous and automated as the rest of your cloud computing infrastructure.

IBM Network Integration Services for data center networks - network security for cloud computing provides services to design and implement a network security infrastructure to help you better secure your critical business systems and data. Working with the products of leading technology providers, we can help you plan and deploy intrusion and anomaly detection, encryption, remediation and management so that only authorized users and devices can access your critical resources. By implementing techniques like these, we can help you prepare a more effective response to potential threats to your cloud computing infrastructure.

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