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Put digital to work — and give your audience the experience they count on, every step of the way. With a 360-degree view of each­­­ customer, you can engage them like never before.
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81 percent of global CEOs want to
use technology to develop stronger
customer relationships

Source: Redefining competition: Insights from the Global C-suite Study - The CEO perspective
IBM Institute for Business Value

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Business drivers of digital reinvention

Drive total business transformation by building your strategy around these drivers. Click each section for details.

Orchestrated ecosystems

Orchestrated Ecosystems: Decapitalize infrastructure and leverage partner and full network strengths to unleash new sources of value to customers. Get industry expertise, leverage suppliers, channels, and business partners to enhance value.

Business outcome: Provide an immersive experience to every industry and line-of-business customer.

Restless talent

Restless Talent: Excel at workforce management by identifying, retaining and building the right talent for a digital organization. Create a culture of design thinking, agile working and experimentation to improve employee engagement and agility.

Business outcome: Build performance excellence in recruiting, developing, retaining, and deploying the workforce – a complete performance management system.

New business models

New Business Models: Develop unique business models to drive new revenue sources by improving product value and control how products and services are delivered to your customers.

Business outcome: Power your business by digital – cloud, analytics, mobile, social, security – to help you realize new ways of monetizing value.

Market activation

Market Activation: Create the strategy and execution plan for delivering experiences to the market.

Business outcome: Engage and monetize customer relationships.

Actionable insights

Actionable Insights: Make decisions data-driven and evidence-based with predictive, prescriptive, and advanced analytics. Use actionable insights developed by cognitive analytics to create deep and advanced competitive differentiation.

Business outcome: Increase customer satisfaction, customer retention and brand loyalty.

Responsive operations

Responsive Operations: Digitize products, services and processes to redefine experiences with customers. Embed situational awareness throughout the value chain.

Business outcome: Reach new markets faster and swiftly launch new products and services.

Image Map Orchestrated Ecosystems Responsive Operations Restless Talent New Business Models Market Activation Actionable Insights

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