MCH Support Service

Software Subscription and Support for MICRO CADAM Helix products.

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MCHS service meets the user's following needs.

These demands are realized if users join MCHS Service.


On the latest Operating system & Hardware

MCHS provides a maintenance code of each MC Helix product timely after announcement of the new operating system or hardware.

The latest available Operating system


Flexible Licensing

MCHS support the Concurrent Licenses in order to optimize the licenses. In this license system, the licenses are managed by a license server and are shared among the multiple MC Helix clients on the same network.

Concurrent License

Furthermore, the "Concurrent-offline Licenses" allows users to reserve a license password and to use it on a machine disconnected from a network.
For details, see License Management System


Collaboration with the other software

Since it is essential to share the drawing data, MCHS provides HD Tools (as optional service) for bi-directional translation between MC Helix format and the followings.

HD Tools

Furthermore, MCHS provide HD XViewer as the viewer of MC Helix Drawings.


Latest maintenance code

MC software of MCHS has always improved reflecting user's demand since MCHS started. Not only the improvement from a product version, but several original functions were added. MCHS provides the maintenance codes. In a period of the service, users are allowed to use them.

Service Menu

Users can choose service menus based on their MC software licenses.


Basic Services

There are two services, -- for Server and for Client.The basic service provides the following services on the Dedicated Web Page (Japanese only) available for only MCHS users.

Utility Service

This service is optional service on the basic service.
This service provides the following tools.


Available Products

* Some optional products are out of the service. Please confirm whether users licensed products are available or not in advance.

Sentinel RMS License Management System

In MCHS, License management using Sentinel RMS is performed. Since the license of several kinds of RMS is prepared, please choose in accordance with a customer's environment.

The following three license types of RMS are available for MCHS.

In MCHS, users can choose the suitable license system based on their environment.
Inquire to us about the details:

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