IBM Security SiteProtector System Version 2.9 Readme

Last modified: November 8, 2011

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The IBM Security SiteProtector System version 2.9 release contains the following new features and improvements:

Solution-specific Interfaces
Contextualized, solution-specific interfaces present relevant information for the task at hand. For example, you can hide unused agent-related menu options, policies, permissions, and auditing information using the “Show/Hide Agents” settings. By default, only registered agents are displayed.

Improved User Interface
Streamlined menus reduce clutter in the interface so you can focus on key tasks without distraction.

Policy View improvements
Policy view now displays a gallery of Agent types specific to your network, with selection of versions available.

Analysis view improvements
In the Analysis view, context-sensitive actions are available for any displayed columns. You can define additional right-click actions and lookups as needed.

Auto-adjust column widths
Columns now automatically resize themselves to accommodate the data displayed. You can save customized settings.

Rapid access to details
You can double-click on an event in Analysis view to get event details quickly.

System response time
Improved database performance is included in this upgrade, especially in the Analysis view when working with larger data sets.

Expanded limits
Twice as many event rules (up to 400) in the Response Rules policy within Central Responses are now available.

Updated components
Newest versions of Java (1.6.0 SR9), Apache (2.0.64), and Geronimo (2.1.7) are provided for access to the latest security safeguards.

New auditable event
A new event, Account Locked Out, has been added to the list of auditable events that is set in the SiteProtector Console using Tools > Auditing Setup > General. If a Windows user repeatedly fails to login to the SiteProtector Console, the operating system can be configured to lock out that user's Windows account. If Windows does lock out a user account, that event can now be audited and is written to the SiteProtector database.

Product documentation (Back to Top)

Readme file

For the latest version of the SiteProtector System Readme file, go to the IBM Security download center:

Product documentation

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Customer support (Back to Top)

IBM Security provides technical support to customers that are entitled to receive support.

The IBM Support Portal

Before you contact IBM Security about a problem, see the IBM Support Portal at

The IBM Software Support Guide

If you need to contact technical support, use the methods described in the IBM Software Support Guide at:

The guide provides the following information:
  • Registration and eligibility requirements for receiving support
  • Customer support telephone numbers for the country in which you are located
  • Information you must gather before contacting customer support

Reporting issues (Back to Top)

To report an issue with this product, please contact IBM Support and have the following information available:

  • Build versions
  • Sensor and console host configurations
  • Network deployment
  • Network traffic rates
  • Network traffic characteristics
  • Specific failure symptoms or undesirable behavior 

This information helps us resolve the issue as quickly and effectively as possible.

Known issues (Back to Top)

There are no known issues. If known issues are discovered, they will be reported in the IBM Support Portal. To find Technotes specific to IBM Security SiteProtector v2.9, go to: