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IBM SmartCloud Enterprise

Empower your enterprise with cloud computing

Virtual server environments on the IBM Cloud

How it works

The easy-to-use self-service portal guides you through specifying the servers you need and triggers the automated process that builds them for you.

1: Click and choose your server location and software imageStep 1: Choose your server location and software image
Select the IBM Cloud delivery center for your server. Then pick the software image you want from a catalog list.

2: Pick the server hardware and network connectivityStep 2: Choose a server configuration and network connection
Choose the server configuration and network address. Then select the security keys you want IBM to apply to the server, so only you can access it.

3: Application provisioned and ready to runStep 3: Provisioning the server
Confirm the choices you have made and the terms that apply. An automated process will create your instance and provide you with a ready-to-use server, all in a matter of minutes.

Creating your own images and managing other parts of the server environment is just as straight-forward. You can set up extra persistent storage, reserve IP addresses or manage your security keys all within the same portal. The account administrator functions allow you to manage your users and their access to cloud resources.

Experience security, reliability, and control with the IBM Cloud


Security is one of the top concerns among organisations looking to move their workloads to the cloud. The IBM SmartCloud is designed to offer a safe environment populated with an array of security features. Our security features include:

Virtual infrastructure

Management infrastructure

Data centers


IBM provides around-the-clock monitoring and management of the IBM Cloud infrastructure. IBM offers a 99.5 percent service level agreement for the availability of the Cloud portal or customer virtual machine instances. In addition, you can enhance the availability of your cloud configurations by leveraging the virtual IP, anti-collocation and virtual LAN capabilities in the IBM Cloud.


You choose the IBM Cloud delivery center in which you want your servers and associated data storage placed. Currently these centers include:

IBM will not attempt to move your servers or any of your data from the sites you have chosen.

The Web-based portal allows authorised users to log on at any time to monitor, manage and control their virtual environments. In the portal, customer account administrators can manage user IDs for the account and monitor and control the spending by individual users. One monthly bill is provided for all usage on the account.

The actions described above for the portal are also available through a restful API, allowing automated control of the provisioning and de-provisioning processes.

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