'TRUSTED', a co-branded asset that IBM has created along with the leading IT research and client advisory firm, Gartner. This quarterly asset, features insights from IBM, Gartner research report, interviews of some of IBM's key clients and highlights some of IBM's industry-leading solutions to help address your business challenges.

Creating Dynamic Infrastructure: Transforming While Performing

The global economic downturn has highlighted the importance of continuous innovation, delivery excellence and business transformation focused on long term growth and value.

In this issue of Trusted, we focus on Business Transformation – a dynamic and evolving journey at IBM that highlights our experience in a wide range of areas of keen interest to clients – from leveraging business analytics to identifying new growth opportunities – from driving productivity through shared services and a world class supply chain to change management and leadership practices.

Clients recognize that IBM has shown resilience in transforming its own business model, operations and workforce to address market realities, while delivering strong business results.

At IBM, we pride ourselves on taking client partnering through transformational strategic outsourcing to new heights. In the context of outsourcing, while it’s important to discuss technology SLAs, compute power in terms of Million Instructions Per Second (MIPS)/Central Processing Units (CPUs), storage capacity in terabytes or petabytes, uptime, availability, etc., it’s simply not enough! Through transformational outsourcing we elevate the discussion to what really matters – business outcomes!

Business outcomes – such as revenue growth, lower Selling, General and Administrative (SG&A) costs, improved return on assets, hastened time-to-market, enhanced sales force productivity, reduced inventory levels, etc. – directly impact the organization’s ability to create value for its shareholders.

Our commitment to client success does not stop at quantifying these business outcomes – we share the associated risks and rewards with our clients. This focus on Value Creation is the IBM difference!

What's Inside

What is the business impact of outsourcing? - Ashish Kumar, General Manager, Global Technology Services, IBM India/South Asia

Cover Story
Transforming while performing (Covering IBM transformation story)

How IBM is helping clients to transform - Digicable Story

Interviews with the CXO's on Business Transformation

CFO as the new value integrator - Robert Parker, CFO, IBM India/South Asia

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IBM Service & Asset Management

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