'TRUSTED', a co-branded asset that IBM has created along with the leading IT research and client advisory firm, Gartner. This quarterly asset, features insights from IBM, Gartner research report, interviews of some of IBM's key clients and highlights some of IBM's industry-leading solutions to help address your business challenges.

Smarter Infrastructure for Competitive Advantage: Innovation That Matters

The IT Services Industry is undergoing a major transformation with a rising tide of global integration, and one of the unique ways that IBM stays ahead of competition is by looking at innovation in a way which makes a real-world impact for our clients. With access to new computing models, emerging internet technologies and high availability of networking solutions, client needs are driven by integration, innovation and process alignment toward these technologies. The services model of the future will cause a blurring of the lines between software, infrastructure & services, driven by a commitment to constant and consistent Research & Development to innovate and develop a mature shared services model.

Considering that technology is driving new economic realities and opportunities, each new level of innovation defines new opportunities to create value. Over the past decade, IBM has built a record leadership by pursuing the most transformational opportunities, holding the maximum number of patents over the last 18 years by inventing breakthrough technologies. Nowhere is the growth of the services economy more apparent than at IBM, where our Global Business services has grown to represent nearly half of IBM’s overall business in little more than a decade. We are at the cutting edge/ pioneering of services research.

As such, IBM invented services science and services research over 6 years ago and makes significant investments to the tune of $6Bn per year in R&D. And today, IBM’s focus on leveraging research to advance its services business is paying off, some of the examples being Spoken Web, Watson, etc. that are taking the society to the next level. Research is often the key enabler that distances one from the competition in competitive situations.

As the world continues to become smaller, flatter and smarter, it is imperative that organized research takes a smarter approach and becomes truly collaborative. From applying advanced analytics to drive better, faster fact-based business decisions to combining software engineering and information management to create smart energy grids, buildings, logistics, traffic systems, etc. we are helping to builder smarter businesses, smarter cities and consequently a smarter planet.

Having said this, IBM Smarter Planet solutions don’t advocate scrap and develop approach; it is all about how you can make your system smarter by leveraging IT (integrating operations technology with information technology) and leveraging the legacy systems. The solution helps to increase the visibility, brings in necessary control mechanisms and automates the system to make it more predictable and efficient. That’s the value that IBM Research and Service & Asset Management can bring to the table.

Through this edition of TRUSTED, it is our endeavor to provide you with insights on various possibilities, and help build the right capabilities to support your business objectives in the smartest way.

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