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Creating Dynamic Infrastructure: Cloud Computing and Intergrated Managed Services for a Smarter Organization

As the world become exponentially more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent, the sheer volume of data that will be available to people via smart devices will allow for better business decisions. This is assuming that the information can be available when it is needed and that it can be processed in a timely manner.

Follow that assumption for a moment and think about what’s possible when this data is put to work. What would it mean to communication service providers if they could have a view into how their customers are experiencing their service in real time? How would healthcare change if integrated patient information were available to physicians consulting on a diagnosis, independent of time and location? And what would it mean to green IT initiatives – and the environment as a whole – if a single dashboard could provide visibility into everything that generates energy in an organization’s facility?

For businesses these questions will remain unresolved unless they have smarter IT –enabled services to respond quickly and efficiently to the daily demands of the business. For the IT department or service provider, it means continuously integrating disparate workloads. In order to do this, they’ll need to match the workloads that make up the services they provide with the right technology systems so they can get the best performance out of each application – and the underlying technology that support it. In a dynamic, ever – evolving business landscape, this approach can be the difference between winning and losing, profit and loss

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Cloud Computing and Integrated Managed Services for a Smarter Organisation - Ashish Kumar, General Manager, Global Technology Services, IBM India/South Asia

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Smarter Technology for Smarter enterprises

How IBM is helping clients with Cloud Computing? - DHFL

How IBM is helping clients with Integrated Managed Services? - Viom Networks

Interview with Satish Kotian, Head - IT, DHFL

The smarter way of Cloud Computing is here - Rajiv Sachdev, Vice President - Technical, Global Technology Services, IBM India/South Asia

Finding the ROI from Cloud Computing - Sanjeev Menon,
Solutions Leader, Cloud Computing, Global Technology Services, IBM India/South Asia

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Cloud - The new model of business computing

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