'TRUSTED', a co-branded asset that IBM has created along with the leading IT research and client advisory firm, Gartner. This quarterly asset, features insights from IBM, Gartner research report, interviews of some of IBM's key clients and highlights some of IBM's industry-leading solutions to help address your business challenges.

Innovation That Matters: Optimized Infrastructure for Emerging Enterprises

Organizations which we refer to as the “Emerging Enterprise”, constitute a very substantial portion of India’s GDP growth. IBM identifies organizations with employee sizes between100-999 as emerging enterprises. It is from this segment that the next Bharti or Reliance will emerge. It’s worth pointing out that back in 2004 when IBM first partnered with Bharti Airtel, the client was an Emerging Enterprise. In this issue we highlight several examples of how IBM has partnered with clients across multiple industries in India to help them optimize their infrastructure. In some instances this partnership has transformed industries, some have yielded significant operational efficiencies, and others have helped mitigate risks by better aligning IT with business needs.

Cloud - it's not just a new consumption or delivery model, it’s transformational. And, the Emerging Enterprise stands to benefit the most from Cloud adoption. IBM's recently launched SmartCloud Enterprise Service is a revolution underway with a price point of less than Rs. 5 per virtual machine per hour. This edition of TRUSTED provides both a client and an IBM perspective on SmartCloud Enterprise.

IBM recently commissioned a study with Emerging Enterprises globally entitled "Inside the Midmarket: A 2011 Perspective". The clearest message emerging from this study was the shift in priorities from efficiency and cost reduction to growth, innovation and value-creation. Our cover story elaborates on this paradigm shift as companies embrace analytics, cloud, mobility and self-service solutions.

What's Inside

Ashish Kumar, General Manager, IBM Global Technology Services, India / South Asia

Cover Story
BRING 'IT' ON - Increasing Number of Emerging Enterprises Look at IT to Bring in Business Edge...

Coming of Age: Cloud Scales Tech Challenge - Winhire

Data Center Consolidation: Anchoring Expansion - Religare

Vantage Point - Krishnan Ramachandran, COO, Apollo Munich Health Insurance

The Golden Opportunity: Agile IT Anchors Growth - I Unnikrishnan, MD, Mannapuram Finance

Gartner Research
Use the Enterprise IT Maturity Model to Invest in the Right Roles at the Right Time

Integrated Managed Services - one stop shop for your services requirements - Dharanibalan Gurunathan, VP, Offerings Management, IBM Global Technology Services, India/ South Asia

In Focus
The IBM 'IT'inerary - Nipun Mehrotra, Vice President & Manager, Sales and Business Development, IBM India/ South Asia

SmartCloud Enterprise - Smart, Secure, Ready for Business

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