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Partnering for innovation and growth Focus on your core competency Make your IT spend more predictable Make your IT agile and support future business plans

GLOBAL ECONOMIC DOWNTURN Cost pressures COMPETE GLOBALLY Competitive advantage EVOLVING BUSINESS NEEDS Penetrate new markets INCREASE VALUE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Accelerate time to market DRIVE INNOVATION Focus on core business INCREASING NEED FOR CHANGEIT and business process sophistication are well recognized indicators of a company’s competitiveness and potential for superior performance when compared with industry peers. However, maintaining a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure is an expensive proposition that triggers many corporations to out-source their information systems. According to an AMR research study, over half of large enterprises are considering out-sourcing as a vehicle for reengineering their business process. Many firms have used the uncertainty in the market environment as an opportunity to focus heavily on eliminating waste and streamlining poor process flows. In addition, enterprises are often able to use outsourcing initiatives to free up resources to focus on core business value drivers, gain from economies of scale, liberate cash to be used for additional investments, and mitigate business and IT risk.

Pairing the industry’s most extensive portfolio of services, hardware and software solutions with our global network of IT, industry and business process experts, IBM optimizes your IT infrastructure to support today’s business requirements while charting a path to transformation across your enterprise

What Clients say about their relationship with IBM?

  • Sanjay Kapoor, CEO, Bharti Airtel

    Sanjay Kapoor, CEO, Bharti Airtel

    One of the key milestones of our outsourcing initiatives has been the relationship with IBM.
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  • Prashant Veer Singh, CIO, Bharti Infratel

    Prashant Veer Singh, CIO, Bharti Infratel

    The IBM solution has effectively helped us introduce automation to our operations processes and
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  • Krishnan Ramamchandran, COO, AMHI

    Krishnan Ramamchandran, COO, AMHI

    I'd prefer using the term partnering rather than outsourcing. I'd also like to share with you on why we partnered with IBM in this journey
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Traditional Relationship Vs IBM’s Transformational Relationship

Traditional Relationship, IBM's Transformational Relationship

Our portfolio: a full range of IT services

Our portfolio can address the unique needs of any workload to create strategic advantage for your company. Innovation, standardardization, virtualization and automation are the major building blocks of our design, offering you a cost-effective solution with flexibility, scalability and better utilization.

Service Management and Continuous Improvement
Service Management Lifecycle
1.Strategy and Design
2.Transition, Implementation and Transformation
3.Managed Operations
Data Center Services
Middleware Services
Server Management ( Distributed and Main-frame)
Storage Management
Data Center Site and Facilities
Clous-Enabled Solutions
End-User Services
Service Desk
Mobility Services
Enterprice Security
Integrated Communications
Service Management and Governance
Business Continuity and Recovery
Compliance Management
Business and Application Services
Enterprice Application Services
Application Innovation Services
Business Analytics and Optimization
Global Process Services
Technical Support Services

Five sources of value you can expect from partnering with IBM as your outsourcing service provider

Thousands of organisations around the world have reduced costs, improved service delivery and enabled innovation and growth by engaging IBM as their strategic outsourcer. While their reasons vary as much as their businesses, most see outsourcing as a more predictable, scalable and reliable way to move their business forward. Our existing clients tell us there are five sources of value you can expect from partnering with IBM as your outsourcing service provider (Internal IBM analysis combined with various discussions with clients)

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