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The IBM Institute for Business Value leverages IBM's global industry, functional and topical teams and experts to discover emerging trends, business innovations and success patterns.

The Individual Enterprise – How mobility redefines business

The new age of ecosystems - Redefining partnering in an ecosystem environment

Mobile and Analytics. Two coinciding phenomena that together change the way business gets done. They put real-time contextual information at employees’ fingertips and provide predictive recommendations and insights to improve decision making. They will give people access to collaboration opportunities when and where they need them and amplify organizational expertise.

– Authored by Fred Balboni, Saul Berman and Peter Korsten.

Featured Cross-industry Thought Leadership

  • The New Hero of Big Data and Analytics: The Chief Data Officer

    Global transformation from the inside out: Optimizing the entire ecosystem

The world continues to get smaller and bumpier. As a result, many companies find themselves functioning in a global environment with an operating model designed for more limited scope. Many companies are finding solutions to these issues by transforming into globally integrated enterprises (GIE). To find out more, download the complete study below from the Institute for Business Value.

Featured Industry Thought Leadership

  • Winning strategies for insurers - How industry leaders are excelling outside the comfort zoneWinning strategies for insurers - How industry leaders are excelling outside the comfort zone

    The evolving promise of genomic medicine: How advanced technologies are transforming healthcare and life sciences

A new genomic health record will become a reality as genomic information gets combined with relevant data extracted from the traditional EMR. Rapid, precision oncology decision support is expected to expand on a larger scale by performing sophisticated genome/proteome/RNA analysis coupled with cognitive computing. To find out more, download the complete study below from the Institute for Business Value.

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Evaluate business process performance using open standards for benchmarking
Our benchmarking data is built around a common, cross-industry Process Classification Framework, which means that business performance can be objectively evaluated.

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IBM hits top spot in thought leadership rankings

  • The White Space Thought Leadership Rankings released February 24, 2014 rank the IBM Institute for Business Value as #1 among 24 firms that produce strategic business thought leadership for executives. Using four criteria – differentiation, appeal, resilience and prompting action – Source for Consulting cites "IBM’s unswerving focus on quality at the cost of volume” as how the top spot was earned.


“By understanding weak signals and early indicators of industry transformation, we help our clients to be ahead of the pack.”

—Peter Korsten,
Vice President and Global Leader,
IBM Institute for Business Value

IBM Global C-suite Study: The Customer-activated Enterprise

  • C

    Across the boardroom, CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, CMOs, CHROs and CSCOs must open up to customer influence, pioneer digital-physical innovation and craft engaging customer experiences.

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IBM C-Suite Studies

2012 IBM Global CEO Study: Leading Through Connections
Interviews with more than 1,700 CEOs worldwide.

2011 IBM Global CMO Study: From Stretched to Strengthened
Interviews with 1,734 CMOs reveal three necessary actions: serve empowered customers, deliver customer value and be accountable to the business.

2011 IBM Global CIO Study: The Essential CIO
Conversations with 3,108 CIOs show how CIOs can be essential by leveraging business and IT to meet their particular organization's goals.

2010 Global Chief Financial Officer Study: The New Value Integrator
More than 1,900 CFOs share the secrets of outperforming their peers by combining two capabilities: finance efficiency and business insight.

2010 Global Chief Human Resource Officer: Working Beyond Borders
The insights provided by more than 700 Chief Human Resource Officers around the world show how workforce investment is shifting.

2009 Global Chief Supply Chain Officer Study: The Smarter Supply Chain of the Future
Interviews with 393 supply chain executives describe how they are making supply chains more sustainable, flexible and responsive through increased instrumentation, interconnection and intelligence.

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People want to take a more active role in managing their healthcare – both to reduce costs and improve their quality of life. Device makers have a great opportunity to fulfill this need...

For companies that are struggling to get an end-to-end view of their global supply chains, taking command of multi-enterprise visibility issues in ways that combine real-time information, event processing, and advanced analytics may provide the answer.

Despite increasing attention to alternative energy sources, the world can't forget about oil and gas, as it struggles to meet ever-rising demand for clean and affordable energy.

Health Care Of The Future: Non-Invasive Blood Tests, Brain-Connected Avatars, Digital Pill Boxes.

Insurance and Financial Advisor: Insurance Shifting from Sellers' to Buyers' market, where trust rules.

The more knowledge people had about Electric Vehicles (EVs), the more viable an option it became. The EV industry has to continue to educate consumers about why this is a viable product.

The ability of Watson technology to make the daily commute faster and safer

According to a recent study by IBM’s Institute for Business Value, there’s a significant divide between how companies want to leverage social media channels, and how their customers use them.

Technology-savvy and demanding, the new smarter consumer is an important demographic, explains Melissa Schaefer, from IBM’s Institute For Business Value. She reveals how to capture this new breed of shoppers.

If someone were to text “DTWD” would you understand the acronym? A growing number of commuters are refusing to heed the call to “Don't Text While Driving.”