Smarter Commerce Consulting

Increasing the value companies generate for their customers and partners in a rapidly changing digital world

A new consulting practice helps companies rethink value in the age of the empowered customer

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Customers are increasingly technology savvy, embracing new ways to shop and buy, and using social networks to collaborate while influencing and accelerating the buying process.

Smarter commerce increases the value you generate for your customers and partners in a rapidly changing digital world through rethinking customer value, developing new levels of customer insight and developing new ways of facilitating customer and partner engagement, thus driving predictable and improved outcomes for your business.

Smarter Commerce is a strategic approach that places the customer at the center of your business.

Customer value strategy

Re-think how your customers define value and the changes you must make to your value chain so you can profitably deliver exactly what your customers want, when they want it.

Case studies

Customer and partner engagement

Connect, collaborate, conduct commerce and create a differentiated customer experience with customers and partners

1-800-FLOWERS.COM: Creating an e-commerce platform for the future

Staples makes it easy for online customers and becomes a more flexible and successful business

Thought leadership

Smarter Commerce is redefining value chain visibility
Smarter Commerce involves synchronizing your value chain to deliver consistent and predictable outcomes

Analytics: The new path to value
How the smartest organizations are embedding analytics to transform insights into action

Capitalizing on the Smarter Commerce

New rules for a new decade
A vision for smarter supply chain management

Beyond content
Capitalizing on the new revenue opportunities

From social media to Social CRM
What customers want (the first in a two-part series)

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CEO Study

Meet the expert

Paul Papas

Global Leader, Smarter Commerce, IBM Global Business Services

3 Questions for Paul Papas on Agile Commerce

Press release

Announcing New Smarter Commerce Consulting Services

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Embracing Digital Transformation

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Can businesses become social?

Social commerce requires business to be collaborative, networked and non-hierarchical. Are organizational cultures ready?

Smarter Commerce

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A new approach to help redefine the value chain in the age of the customer