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Improve your operating model and interconnect end-to-end supply chain functions to optimize process efficiencies.


Operations & Supply Chain Optimization

Optimize your critical operations and implement the best possible operating model and supply chain strategy, including network and inventory optimization.

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Operations and supply chain

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While globalization has yielded improvements in market reach and operational efficiencies, it has also increased the exposure to critical supply chain risk. Visibility, a top concern of supply chain executives, is a key enabler to combat the negative impact of supply chain variability and volatility. Effective visibility enables an organization to immediately anticipate, communicate and address critical exposure to supply chain risk spanning supplier management, operational excellence and customer management activities.

While at the same time, supply chain related costs comprise the majority of their cost structure and balance sheet. Therefore, cost and capital reduction are key drivers of profitability and return on capital. Leading companies will exploit short-term cost reduction opportunities as the foundation for longer term transformational programs. IBM specializes in identification and implementation of high-potential supply chain projects designed to deliver short-term cost reduction results.Our accelerated assessments are a proven approach to create a value-driven, prioritized implementation roadmap for optimizing the value from your supply chain.

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