Marketing, sales and service

Apply advanced analytics to create advocacy by optimizing every interaction with customers across multiple channels.


Customer Experience and Market Strategy

Assess, analyze and build strategies for your customers to address markets, marketing, sales, service and online interactions.

Enterprise marketing management (US)

Help integrate, analyze and manage cross-channel relationship marketing using innovative technology to enable increased revenue and reduced costs.

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Marketing, sales and service

Optimizing channel strategy to maximize value

Social networking, increased mobility, adoption of digital channels, increased consumer expectations and transparency across industries are just a few of the factors fundamentally reshaping customer interaction. Customers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and have higher expectations of organizations. Enterprises are responding by adding new interaction models and enhancing channel capabilities. However the challenge for businesses today is figuring out where to invest by determining which capabilities will be most impactful to customers.

Most companies have no shortage of ideas on how to improve the customer experience. The real challenge is to select the right set of initiatives that maximize value, taking into account the dependencies on other elements of the operating model. Making the transition to interactive marketing is a journey that begins with executive commitment to a customer-centered organization. It requires achieving a 360-degree view of the customer, engaging customers in an on-going dialog, integrating this conversation across channels, and enabling all this with a solid, scalable marketing platform that allows you to plan, execute, track, and adjust all your marketing operations flexibly and efficiently. The assessments help you gain new customer insight using time-boxed data analytics designed to provide actionable insights that prove the concept and the value of moving your organization in this direction.

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With MMS you can better understand customer behavior, increase quality of campaign execution and measure ROI. Improve your marketing campaign effectiveness with strong, tactical and strategic support.

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