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Many companies today face significant challenges in taking out cost and unlocking business value from their application portfolios. Large, complex application portfolios require significant investments of time and money just to maintain. Disconnected and inflexible systems, fragile coupling, duplication of function and data increase the costs of routine and business-mandated changes. A focused overall application portfolio management strategy is essential to ensure a company’s business agility and ability to innovate.

As organizations grow and merge, the accompanying growth of their IT often results in a mishmash of technologies and platforms that is difficult and costly to manage. This complexity makes is difficult for IT to support business requirements and adapt to changes in strategy and business direction. Organizations should align the current IT strategy, resources and investment to changes in business direction and corporate strategy. Additionally, organizations should ensure that their enterprise architecture allows quick reaction to changes in the marketplace. Our assessments can help you define the best ways to drive rapid cost savings – given your business and application-related challenges – and enable you to be future ready.

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