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Companies find it difficult to remain updated with SAP Service and Enhancement Packs given the demands on resources and the rate at which changes occur. Upgrades, which are meant to be better, faster, and easier can in reality, cause huge disruptions to the business. Yet without them, the latest platform and innovations are not leveraged and the business is deprived of the real value enterprise resource planning (ERP) brings.

IBM Evergreen Services for SAP is all about keeping you current with the latest SAP Support and Enhancement Packs without the pains and disruptions experienced today, on a schedule that is consistent with YOUR IT strategy and business requirements. We do this by streamlining the remediation and testing work - resulting in lower costs and shorter timelines for upgrades and implementations - and then by enhancing the integrity, scope and efficiencies of our testing resulting in reduced errors and lowered risk.

With this offer, we invite you to conduct a free online, non-invasive assessment of your SAP system which will:

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