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Every industry is under pressure to change, to respond to the rapid shift in customer expectations and take advantage of newly available technological advances, from analytics to mobile connectivity, social networks to cloud computing. As the world’s largest consulting organisation, IBM Global Business Services can help you navigate ongoing change and increasing complexity, understand and respond to your customers and capture new business opportunities like never before.

A partnership with IBM Global Business Services means more than keeping up with the latest innovations in business and technology — it means working alongside consultants who are creating those innovations every day.

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    Anisha Haldar
    Brand Specialist - GBS

The Customer-activated Enterprise

The IBM C-suite Study is a result of analysing our conversations with 4,183 leaders in 70 countries to find out how CxOs are earning the loyalty of digitally enfranchised customers and citizens.


Reinventing the rules of engagement: CEO Insights from the Global C-suite Study

Moving from the back office to the front lines: CIO Insights from the Global C-suite Study

Pushing the frontiers: CFO insights from the Global C-suite Study

Stepping up to the challenge: CMO insights from the Global C-suite Study

Digital Transformation: The new imperative

The individual-centered economy is already here. The newest digital technologies – among them social media, mobility, analytics and cloud – keep changing how people, businesses and governments interact. These digital forces enable unprecedented levels of connectedness and so the world is already investing in consumer-centricity. However, these new technologies are truly still in their infancies. The transformation that is already underway will soon intensify, resulting in a paradigm shift from customer-centricity toward an everyone-to-everyone (E2E) economy. The implication for value creation and allocation will be profound.

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Customer Experience Innovation

Customer Experience Innovation

Collaborate with your customers to architect next generation customer experiences across physical and digital worlds.

IBM Industry Expertise


Harness IBM business and technology capabilities with dedicated expertise in industries