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Leadership in SAP systems integration, transformation and
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IBM provides SAP consulting services (from advisory and process consulting through to implementation to support and hosting), industry expertise, unparalleled geographic reach, accelerators and methodologies to ensure leading companies get superior value from their investments.

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Magic Quadrant for SAP Implementation Service Providers, Worldwide

Focused on SAP consulting, Gartner Magic Quadrant report identifies IBM as a leader in SAP implementation services. To know more about how IBM achieves this through our strong expertise in SAP consulting services among other service providers.

Going Mobile: How SAP customers should drive decisions on the mobility strategy

Enterprise customers are overwhelmed with plethora of choices with respect to "Going Mobile". This white paper provide insights on how to understand and prioritize business processes that brings the most value on Mobile, and also to derive a user experience context to the decision process.

IBM Evergreen Services for SAP

IBM Evergreen Services for SAP is a combination of innovative tools to address the upgrade challenges without interrupting the business cycle. It changes the upgrade process by smoothing out the spikes of effort, applying automation and technology that can eliminate constraints during peak times.

SAP IT Solutions

Mobility solutions for SAP

IBM has one of the largest dedicated mobility practices in the world. Having worked with nearly every device platform, and with our established manufacturer and mobile industry alliances, we provide tremendous reach and the flexibility needed to help us guide and position your mobile strategy.

Line of Business (LOB) Solutions

Combining SAP software with IBM POWER7, IBM DB2 and IBM Services as an IBM SAP Appliance-like solution, for a competitive, rapid implementation.

Application Management Services

IBM offers a number of Application Management services designed to help leading companies gain unprecedented efficiencies and operating capabilities, allowing them to reduce costs and use a more scalable application environment to adapt to changes occurring in the marketplace.

Business Analytics services and infrastructure for SAP

More data, more decisions, and increased pressure to deliver value faster. IBM enables the analysis of this extensive amount of data and empowers organizations to make real-time decisions based on accurate information.

Upgrade SAP Systems with IBM

By working with IBM Global Services you can reap the benefits of a support upgrade customized for your requirements—delivered by certified consultants using time-tested methods. In partnership with SAP, IBM offers a suite of SAP upgrade solutions to provide a choice of customized support for your upgrade.

IBM cloud solutions for SAP applications

IBM and SAP solutions capitalize on the comprehensive IBM portfolio of cloud computing offerings to provide integrated and seamless management across architectures and delivery models. IBM SmartCloud for SAP Applications automates the most common labor intensive tasks associated with managing SAP environments.

Featured Thought Leadership

IBM Evergreen Services for SAP

IBM Evergreen Services for SAP is a service that is built into the everyday view of life. By applying a combination of innovative tools on a regular and consistent basis, it addresses upgrade challenges without interrupting the business cycle. IBM Evergreen Services for SAP changes the upgrade process by smoothing out the spikes of effort and applying automation and technology to eliminate constraints during peak times.

Prepare for the Quantum Leap in Real Time Analytics

SAP IT SolutionsFor many business leaders staring at the immense opportunity for radical, disruptive change through in-memory analytics, the response may be one of excitement, advocacy, and unbridled enthusiasm for the future. For others, it may come with apprehension, fear, disbelief, or uneasiness towards change. Regardless of your particular posture, the smart company needs to get ahead of the in-memory conversation, dive deeply into understanding how it works and what it presents, and craft a purposeful strategy and roadmap for their in-memory future.

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IBM for GST(Goods and Services Tax)

Gearing up for an integrated marketplace with GST

Synthite Tastes Success with IBM & SAP

Synthite Tastes Success with IBM & SAP

IBM Global Business Services helped Synthite see where existing processes could be enhanced by replacing legacy systems with SAP ERP.

The journey to become a globally integrated enterprise

IBM leaders share insights on how globally integrated enterprises are winning in today's economic environment

A globally integrated enterprise operates seamlessly, leverages global assets, seizes growth opportunities and develops competencies and strong partnerships.... View the video (00:07:11) to learn more about the advantages of a globally integrated enterprise.

“Globally integrated enterprises are winning in today's economic environment by optimizing resources and capital productivity on a global basis.”— John Leffler, IBM Global Business Services, Global and Americas SAP Leader

IBM Fuels Amrit Feeds Growth

The Smarter Supply Chain of the Future

Implementation of integrated information systems helps increase production capacity by 0.45 tons per hour

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