IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+

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Gain efficiencies for your business-critical workloads

Cloud is transforming the dynamics of IT in fundamental ways. With IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ you realize the benefits of cloud with the assurance of IBM expert services – giving you – the confidence to advance on your cloud journey.

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Fully managed IaaS for production workloads

While SmartCloud Enterprise is IBM's self-service public cloud IaaS, SmartCloud Enterprise+ (SCE+) is our fully managed IaaS, optimized for securely running business-critical production workloads (like SAP) in the cloud. In addition to managing the infrastructure, IBM reduces your operational risk by managing the platform above the hypervisor level with services to address patch management, database management and end-to-end monitoring of applications—all integrated into the service.

Managed by IBM experts so you can move to cloud with confidence

Flexible options enable you to quickly tailor your cloud to meet your needs for differentiation—and then let IBM manage it. The fully managed services shift focus from maintaining infrastructure to developing new services by enabling developers to focus on code and testing and not worry about their development environment. Industry-leading SLAs provide IBM accountability for response time, availability and operating systems, giving you the confidence to move workloads to the cloud.

Using SmartCloud Enterprise+

In addition to running SAP and other born-on-the-enterprise production workloads, SCE+ is used for dev and test , industry-specific solutions ( for electronics ) and fully managed enterprise-grade infrastructure for critical web, mobile and social applications.


Managed development and test

With SmartCloud Enterprise+'s managed cloud infrastructure, IT teams can set up new application environments in 24 to 72 hours—versus weeks—as well as improve quality by reducing configuration errors. Because IBM manages the infrastructure, developers can focus on developing innovative applications and services to drive growth.

An end-to-end dev/test cloud solution for production workloads

You can develop your new application, test it and then move it to production all on SCE+. This delivers consistency and quality because applications are being tested on the same fully managed platform and infrastructure they will run on, eliminating the need for a second set of production testing.

SCE+ Cloud Infrastructure

With IBM's SCE+ cloud infrastructure, customers can set up new powerful application environments in hours versus weeks or months while improving the quality of testing by helping reduce configuration errors. The SCE+ computing environment provides flexible enterprise-oriented delivery models that can help securely partition customer's environment.


Running SAP (and other production/ERP workloads)

As business-critical SAP environments proliferate and the scope of SAP expands, organizations are looking to improve SAP service delivery speed and quality. SAP cloud-based solutions built upon SmartCloud Enterprise+ meet this need by delivering SAP environments with fully managed, security-rich and scalable cloud infrastructures and processes, delivering:

Optimized with proven IBM best practices and supported by migration services and expert personnel, our SAP cloud offerings combine SCE+ with standard processes and tools to deliver unparalleled SAP environment choice, control and flexibility.

IBM SmartCloud for SAP Applications

Managed SAP services for enterprises
This managed service offering provides SAP platform as a service on SCE+ for all SAP Business Suite and SAP Business Objects products to support reduced SAP TCO and complexity while facilitating improved service levels.

IBM cloud solutions for SAP


As business-critical SAP environments proliferate and the scope of SAP workloads expands, organizations are looking to improve their service delivery speed and quality

IBM LifeCycle-as-a-Service

LCaaS bundles consulting and technology services under a common umbrella. Starting with SmartCloud Enterprise+ fully managed IaaS and adding in  SAP Technical Support, Applications operations and database management, AMS capability in the form of SAP functional application support,you to create SAP instances as required in a single day from your own online images or from our catalog. IBM LCaaS is dependable, secure, cost effective and available for SAP ECC, BW, Solution Manager and most other common SAP products.

In addition LCaaS leverages  the tools, processes and proved expertise and experience from across IBM and marries it with SmartCloud.  This helps you optimize your SAP environments not just in the bluepint phase but throughout the Lifecycle

And results can be impressive

LCaaS bundles consulting and technology services under a common umbrella providing an 'Integrated Solution' for each client

LCaaS bundles consulting and technology services under a common umbrella providing an 'Integrated Solution' for each client

Video: Production workloads with IBM SmartCloud Services


SmartCloud Service Delivery for Electronics

(industry-specific solution)

The fully-managed-by-IBM services of the SmartCloud Enterprise+ platform are ideal for many business- and industry-specific solutions—acting as an onramp to innovation and transformation.

SmartCloud Service Delivery for Electronics is a business solution that sits on top of SCE+. It is designed for electronic device manufacturers to quickly bring to market innovative services—like the global delivery of smart interactive services to TVs and other consumer electronic devices—enhance their customer experience, gain customer intimacy and analyze constantly evolving market demands to achieve bottom line growth.

For example, TPVision quickly brought to market smart interactive services available to millions of TV viewers in more than 30 countries with the IBM managed SCE+ powered delivery platform and services portal.

The choice for IBM was primarily based on the expertise and because we know that this was a kind of strategic move from our end. We know how to make good TVs that look great, but we need to have IBM’s expertise to run it in a way that it fits our consumer’s preferences.

Albert Mombarg, Head of Smart TV, TPVision

By moving from multiple distributed data centers to SmartCloud Enterprise+ you can reduce cost, reduce your footprint and energy consumption and leverage production-level cloud for increased flexibility, scalability and security. Because SCE+ is now available in 5 continents you can scale your business to reach those emerging markets and find new ways to serve new customer.


Managed cloud infrastructure for web, mobile, social

SmartCloud Enterprise+ provides fully managed cloud services powered by the most robust enterprise-class runtime cloud infrastructure in the industry. This flexible and quick-to-deploy cloud infrastructure helps clients more effectively deploy and manage high-performance enterprise web sites, along with other web-based, mobile and social applications.

Using SCE+ cloud infrastructure and IBM expertise can help you securely and confidently enhance the performance, reliability and scalability of your web presence and online and mobile applications.

The Common Cloud Management Architecture provides automation capabilities based on IBM Tivoli® technologies to automate administrative and management functions. This can help you reduce costs in these areas while achieving higher degrees of security, reliability, scalability and control. The common cloud management platform and architecture is based on open standards and is designed to deliver enterprise-class security to support you in meeting local, regional and national compliance guidelines for privacy and governance. It combines automation and services management (low touch) with business management functions for fully integrated, top-to-bottom management of cloud infrastructure and cloud services.

The Common Cloud Management Platform is built specifically for enterprise-level clients and includes the necessary scaling and resiliency that are so important for enabling web applications, scaling to meet fluctuations in traffic - scaling up and down - safely and seamlessly.