Workplace Services

IBM’s Workplace Services are aimed at improving the end user experience, performance and overall productivity. All these factors when combined ensure that businesses stay on the path of growth and employees are able to do more in less time.



IBM’s portfolio of Workplace Services allows customers to:

Service detail

Service details

End User Services
Provide an efficient end-user services management program to your IT team and free them to focus on larger business goals.

Service Desk
Achieve higher service desk incident and problem resolution at lower cost.

Mobility Services
Enable a data mobility infrastructure that provides flexibility, performance and response needed to support the demanding projects that support your business

Integrated Managed Services
Integrated managed services aimed at helping your organisation manage its IT infrastructure in a more cost effective and efficient manner.

Why Choose IBM

IBM is a world leader in end user services employing more than 4000 IBM help desk technicians. The depth and breadth of our resources allows us to directly support nearly 4,000,000 end user devices. So if you need to boost end user productivity and efficiency on a global scale, we can provide a comprehensive, end-to-end solution tailored to your needs.

Managing workplace services needs a strategic partner like IBM with vision, experience, global exposure and skilled technical consultants. Our workplace services are aimed at improving your organisation’s bottom line by helping employees and end users make most of the existing assets.

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