Workplace optimization consulting services

Maximise end users' access to information, applications and processes, with an infrastructure built on our technical knowledge and consistent processes available worldwide.

End user workplace optimization can significantly improve productivity and lead to higher revenues, profits and customer satisfaction levels. Businesses worldwide hire IBM's information technology consulting services to make their workplaces more efficient and improve end-user performance levels.

IBM's workplace optimization consulting services can provide you with best practices, in-depth technical knowledge and practical advice delivered by experts. Our IT consulting services are designed to develop innovative solutions and prepare alternative roadmaps to optimise your end user environment. Providing end users access to relevant information, applications and processes in a secure manner through multiple devices can help improve productivity, reduce costs and improve overall IT management.

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IBM is committed to making its IT management consulting expertise and resources available to help you confidently support your employees and end users for enhanced productivity and business growth.



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Service details

Client success story

IBM - With 4,000 IBM help desk technicians scattered around the world, IBM's CIO was challenged with the need to streamline spiralling costs, support multiple operating systems, deliver consistent, high-quality services and improve the performance of critical applications. In response to this need, IBM developed and implemented IBM workplace optimization consulting services - virtual infrastructure access services. As a result, IBM reduced its support costs by nearly 30 percent and improved application performance through the centralisation and virtualisation of applications. By providing support technicians, regardless of their location, with access to any client environment from the delivery centre, IBM improved agent services. IBM workplace optimization consulting services - virtual infrastructure access services is an innovative approach that's been tested and validated. It's one that IBM can deliver to its clients to help enable them to optimise their end user environments-right the first time and every time, with a faster return on investment.

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