Managed services for security information and event management

Enable enhanced SIEM system efficiency through customized services

To manage your SIEM system efficiently and cost effectively, you require advanced technical expertise and skilled resources, without which your enterprise runs a significant risk of compromising its security and compliance posture.

Managed services for SIEM from IBM provides access to global security skills and research capabilities to help you more effectively identify and respond to security threats, manage compliance and reduce the cost and complexity of managing SIEM technology.



Service detail

Service details

Organizations continue to deploy various technologies to defend their security posture from evolving threats—but this constant addition of products can increase the cost and complexity of your infrastructure. To effectively reduce exposure to security risks and avoid infrastructural complexity, you need to adopt a security information and event management (SIEM) system that suits your requirements and can help manage regulatory compliance. But does your enterprise have the expertise and resources required to operate and maintain the SIEM system efficiently, around the clock and in house?

Managed security information and event management from IBM can enable monitoring of activities across the enterprise and of those associated with specific users—helping improve your security posture and manage compliance to leverage and optimize your investment into security intelligence infrastructure. We can design, build and operate an around-the-clock security monitoring and reporting system to help you identify and respond to threats. Our solution can be delivered on multiple on-shore and off-shore models at a more predictable monthly cost. In addition, it can support multivendor SIEM systems and can add value to your prior investments in traditional implementations.

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