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Time is money and downtime is expensive. Help increase your IT staff and user productivity with trusted, single-source technical support.

Experience the confidence of IBM on your team. IBM® Technology Support Services helps you maintain higher availability and IT performance with integrated maintenance; support and managed services for IBM and non-IBM hardware and software; and robust, flexible service-level options designed to prevent problems and resolve issues quickly.

World-class skills

We get it right the first time. An IBM technical support contract provides access to thousands of highly skilled and certified technicians who deliver industry-leading support.

Advanced tools

We use advanced and IBM-patented tools to proactively monitor, diagnose and repair problems around the clock.  We can initiate the resolution process before you’re even aware there is a problem!

Robust parts

Tap into a virtually unmatched repository of both IBM and multivendor machine parts across 556 parts-stock locations. We move approximately 27,000 parts to customer locations all over the world each day.

Global reach

We provide support in over 200 countries and more than 120 languages. Plus, we can deliver robust services both onsite and through advanced means, such as near-real-time electronic monitoring, diagnostics and remote repair.

Multiple ways to access support

We have an array of advanced tools that allow you to report problems at almost any time, day or night. You can use these resources to check your call status and history for one business location or for your entire enterprise.

Advanced multivendor expertise

Consolidate your existing multivendor support contracts into a single contract that covers both IBM and non-IBM support and maintenance services. Rely on IBM to be your single-source provider for your IT needs.

Why choose IBM as your technical support provider

IBM Technical Support: Right part, right place, right time!

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Technical Support Services: Solve your problems before they happen

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IT maintenance

Gain single-source hardware maintenance accountability where and when you need it

Support for IBM solutions

Help protect your business and your brand by using a single provider for IT issue resolution

Software support solutions

Gain rapid access to deep expertise to help optimize performance, resolve issues and use new technology more effectively

IT multivendor support

Establish a single-point of accountability for multivendor hardware and software support throughout your IT environments

Understand the issues

Time is money and downtime is expensive

Why it pays to have a robust technical support strategy.

Why choose IBM as your technical support services provider

Proactively support your IT needs with an industry leader and pioneer.

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IBM TSS Service Rated #1 by Technology Business Research

See the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Communications Outsourcing and Professional Services, Worldwide.

Driving growth and innovation with a trusted support resource

A more innovative approach to technical support.

Provide your iPhone, iPad, and Mac users with the support they need 24x7

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IBM is announcing intent to discontinue the use of analog dial up modems for service communications from our hardware. These communications include automated calls for support as well as authorized transmission of error log data.
There were several communication methods deployed for various product generations. Currently we utilize a secured broadband connection. These modem base methods will be replaced starting with the oldest methods first.
This migration is expected to be completed in two to five years. AT&T has announced the sunset of the infrastructure that supports the older methods of analog communications.
IBM will offer configuration assistance and converter hardware where necessary.
No action is required at this time. IBM Technical Support Services (TSS) representatives will contact each customer that uses the specific dial up connections being sunset.