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Transform your infrastructure while reducing complexity and costs

Server demand growth. Underuse. Cost pressures to do more with less. Your growing business needs advanced techniques to handle the challenges of server management, availability and integration. Is your IT infrastructure evolving to support your current and future requirements?

Server optimization and integration services from IBM helps you assess, plan and design a more consolidated, flexible and resilient server environment. With a server consolidation and virtualization solution, your business can more quickly respond to market changes—now and in the future.


Address risk, use and availability by identifying gaps and developing a transformational road map


Facilitate cost savings by developing a more robust, streamlined server strategy


Create an agile server infrastructure that supports business growth

Services we offer

Strategy and planning for server infrastructure optimization

Drive business growth with a strategic server optimization plan

Microsoft server virtualization

Enabling an efficient transition to a virtualized server environment

Understand the issues

Server virtualization efficiency study

So you've virtualized your servers, now what?

Optimizing your server infrastructure

Understand the options

Accelerate server virtualization to lay the foundation for cloud

Analytics combine with standard, repeatable processes for quicker transformation and improved ROI

Pervasive technology trends shaping the business and the implications for your data center

Developing a data center strategy for addressing the challenges and capitalizing on the opportunities

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