SmoothStart Services for AS/400 Integration for Windows NT Server

Planning, installation and configuration services that enable your AS/400 to run an Integrated PC Server (IPCS). Includes basic skills instruction.

With this IBM® SmoothStart™ service, we install Microsoft® Windows NT® on your AS/400® to run an Integrated PC Server (IPCS). Our services specialist plans the installation of Windows NT on the IPCS, and configures your AS/400 and NT Server software. We also instruct two of your staff on the basic skills needed to manage the server and install client applications, including creating and linking data storage spaces on your AS/400 DASD.



Service detail

Service details


AS/400 hardware:AS/400 Power PC technology RISC model

AS/400 software:

The prerequisites listed above may not contain all of the requirements for this service. For a complete list of prerequisites, consult your sales representative.

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