Smart Desktop Cloud

Enable security-rich, virtual access to applications, information and resources

In a globalised business scenario it is extremely difficult to manage a distributed desktop environment. IBM offers Smart Desktop Cloud service to transform your distributed desktop environment to a consolidated and virtualised end user desktop solution that ensures scalability, reliability, security and flexibility. Our Smart Desktop Cloud services help combine hardware, software and services into a unified and consistent framework which significantly speeds up the virtualisation of applications and IT infrastructure.

Reducing IT costs in today's competitive business environment is extremely important. However, virtualisation is not always cost effective since it can be a slow and time consuming process if not executed by a specialist like IBM.

IBM is one of the industry leaders in providing cloud enabled services and is able to leverage a wide range of cloud computing infrastructure to accelerate virtualisation of your IT infrastructure thereby making it extremely cost effective and reliable.

Drawing on extensive expertise with more than 100 clients worldwide, best practices and proven methodology, IBM professionals can facilitate a smooth transition to a less complex environment using thin clients connected to a cloud enabled infrastructure. End users can get fast, security-rich access to resources, helping improve their productivity and increasing business flexibility. With comprehensive services, including assessment and planning, design and implementation, managed services and a subscription-based hosting solution, we can address your organization's unique needs

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Compete better with Cloud

Compete better with Cloud

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