Smart Business Storage Cloud

Helps reduce costs and improve performance with a scalable storage-virtualization solution

As data volumes grow and the ability to handle various file formats becomes more complex, supporting efficient and cost-effective access to data can be increasingly difficult, with users experiencing reduced performance and outages. IBM Smart Business Storage Cloud can help you successfully deploy high-performance, scalable storage-virtualization solution to facilitate growth and innovation at lower operational costs.



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Service details

Smart ways to save money

IBM storage cloud can help you deploy a high-performance, scalable and flexible, security-rich cloud storage solution to simply your infrastructure and reduce costs by as much as 50 percent, with typical payback between 6 and 18 months. Want to know more? Chat with us now or learn about additional services that can help you save (US).

Allocating the right amount of data storage to the right users at the right time is an ongoing challenge for organizations of all sizes. The explosive growth of workgroup communities and multiple data volumes demands efficient and cost-effective interdepartmental data sharing. While traditional solutions may offer simplicity, they can lack the crucial scalability to expand the storage space to serve large end-user communities.

IBM Smart Business Storage Cloud offers a storage-virtualization solution designed to support your storage optimization efforts. It can help alleviate your data storage challenges by enabling rapid implementation of a scalable, global file storage system with flexibility in deployment and management options. The solution provides virtualized storage to enable storage and server consolidation, a unified management platform to help reduce outages and storage management labor demands and costs, and advanced data replication for cost-effective business continuity and disaster recovery.

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