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Almost universally, organisations have spent the last few decades increasing their use of IT to support business operations. More business applications. More enterprise e-mail capabilities. More automation. More access to data and the Internet, both inside and outside the office.

To keep up with increasing business demands and emerging technologies, many organisations added additional capacity - often finding themselves laden with complex, sprawling IT infrastructures. Management costs increased while server utilisation rates fell. Meanwhile, mergers and acquisitions contributed to the complexity.

Little by little, organisations are regaining control over their server infrastructures, realising that the complexity can make it difficult to adapt to changing business conditions. They are aiming to simplify and optimise their computing environments in order to:

Driving business growth through a resilient, accessible and adaptable computing environment

IBM provides a broad portfolio of server services to help you optimise your computing environment and cost-effectively improve its utilisation, availability, security and management. We can help you build and manage a dynamic infrastructure that supports business, operational and product innovation.

Our services include:

The anticipated benefits

IBM server services can help your organisation:

What we offer

Emerging server technology services

Emerging server technology services

Use leading-edge technologies such as virtualisation and grid computing to enable business innovation by improving system utilisation, management and flexibility

Integrated Managed Services

Integrated Managed Services

An integrated approach to service management across your IT infrastructure.

Server managed services

Server managed services

Establish a robust, flexible and cost-effective IT infrastructure for mission-critical applications that can scale to support new marketing initiatives, products and growth

Server optimisation and integration services

Server optimisation and integration services

Create a computing environment that optimises performance by reducing IT infrastructure complexity, controlling management costs and increasing adaptability

Implementation services for Linux distributions

Server product services for Linux

Plan, deploy and configure your Linux® installation more efficiently and cost-effectively, with minimal risk.

Server product services for Microsoft

Server product services for Microsoft

Get objective, expert assistance with evaluating, designing, implementing and managing a Microsoft server platform

SmoothStart Services for AS/400 CSU Hardware Installation

Server product services for Power Systems

Rapidly and efficiently implement IBM Power (tm) Systems family of servers and associated software while minimizing potential disruptions and risks to ongoing operations

Migration services for AS/400 system transition

Server product services for system i

Rapidly and efficiently install IBM System i servers and associated software while minimizing potential disruptions and risks to ongoing operations

Implementation Services for System x - ServicePac for IBM Director

Server product services for system x

Drive business growth with the exceptional availability, manageability and scalability of IBM System x product technology

Server product services for system z

Server product services for system z

Drive business growth through effective deployment of highly resilient, accessible and adaptable IBM System z product technology

Services for non-IBM server products

Services for non-IBM server products

Get more out of your non-IBM server product implementation with expert, objective help managing your server platform.

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