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Even your best-laid IT infrastructure plans can be undermined by unexpected growth or change. When data center performance is threatened, the short-term solution often is to simply add more servers. If unchecked, this approach can result in server sprawl - too many servers, too many platforms and too many resources needed to support them. This complexity increases your costs and limits your business flexibility.

IBM Server Optimisation and Integration Services - server consolidation can help you optimise your investments in infrastructure by reducing the number of servers required to support your applications. The offering includes design, planning, implementation and testing services built on IBM's extensive server product offerings and proven track record for designing, deploying and managing data center environments.

Server consolidation services from IBM draw on a center of competency - highly skilled IBM professionals whose sole focus is developing and executing consolidation best practices. The services use a consolidation methodology crafted through IBM's extensive experience in designing and managing data centers for clients. IBM can help you reduce the number of servers in your environment and improve the performance and utilisation of those that remain.

Optimisation begins with consolidation. Server consolidation services from IBM can provide a foundation for implementing more advanced optimisation initiatives, such as virtualisation and dynamic provisioning of resources.

With a consolidated server environment, you can potentially reduce costs in several areas:

In addition to the potential cost savings, there are significant strategic advantages to creating a flexible IT environment that can support changing business demands. Your IT resources can be better aligned with business objectives, and your IT department can be more productive and ready to respond to new initiatives more quickly.

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