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Service details

There's a reason why our clients trust IBM to provide the services and solutions to help them address their security and privacy needs: We're an industry leader -- with the experience, knowledge and solutions to address a wide spectrum of challenges.

Industry expertise, proven solutions and sound guidance

1. We offer a broad range of security solutions designed to help you safeguard your information assets, pursue new business initiatives and identify potential problems before they occur.
2. We can help you develop a security posture that corresponds with your risk tolerance and compliance requirements.
3. Our approach integrates industry practices in security policy, process and technology with subject matter expertise, enhanced by our years of experience in the industry.

1. Our security services are designed so they can be tailored to meet your unique needs and issues.
2. We have services designed to help you monitor and safeguard your IT infrastructure from potential threats.
3. We can address and help you integrate both IT security and physical security requirements.

Knowledgeable security practitioners

1. We have experienced security professionals with experience solving security problems for various industries.
2. We have performed a broad array of client engagements around the world addressing various security concerns.
3. Our security professionals have an understanding of both business and technology issues.
4. We have tested methodologies for rapid and cost-effective deployment of capabilities.
5. We offer end-to-end capabilities, from an initial policy formulation all the way through to tool implementation.
6. We have over 3,500 dedicated people in the IBM Security and Privacy community of practice, distributed across 120 sites in 77 countries.

Proven methodologies and innovative approaches in the security space

1. We develop and publish the Global Security Index on a daily and monthly basis, which provides timely IT intelligence information, to help customers prevent, mitigate and remediate IT threats
2. Working in collaboration with five IBM Research labs, the Security and Privacy team is engaged in ongoing development of new security technologies and methods in areas such as:
    1. Biometrics;
    2. Wireless security;
    3. Privacy technology
    4. Encryption technology
    5. Digital media technology
    6. Collaborative data sharing
    7. Intrusion detection analysis
3. BM holds more security and privacy copyrights and patents than any other company.The collaborative efforts of IBM have yielded new technologies and methods such as:
    1. IBM Smart Surveillance System (S3) -- An open framework for event-based surveillance
    2. IBM Cancelable Biometrics ¡V Technology for enhancing privacy and security in biometric applications
    3. We created the Data Centric Security Model to help our clients take a more holistic approach to protecting data assets
    4. IBM co-founded the Trusted Computing Group with leading technology companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Intel, and Sun for security and co-developed a Web Services Security family of specifications

Recognised as a leading provider

1. A best-in-class provider of security operations (Source: Aberdeen, June 2005)
2. One of the most trusted security service vendors in North America and Europe (Source: Yankee, 2004)
3. Second in market share for providers of managed security services (Source: Frost & Sullivan, August 2004)

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