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If disaster strikes, can you quickly and cost-effectively bring your IT systems back on line? We can design the best way to cost effectively protect your IT infrastructure.

Disaster strikes. Can you quickly and cost-effectively bring your IT systems back on line? IBM Recovery Plan Development creates a road map for your company to follow in the event of an extended IT outage. Our consultants help you create a comprehensive, actionable document so you can quickly and cost-effectively bring your IT systems online and restore your critical business operations.



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Service details

In an emergency situation, time is your scarcest resource. You may not have time to search for the most recent backup tape of your client list, time to recompile your employees’ home phone numbers or even time to process today's payment from your largest customer. IBM Business Continuity and Recovery consultants can help you design recovery plans for each critical business process throughout your company, establish priorities and key linkages among these plans, validate that the plans meet your business objectives, and maintain the plans so you can quickly retrieve and implement your recovery programs when an unexpected, extended outage occurs.

Depending on your requirements, our consultants can help you create several types of recovery plans:

Our consultants guide your company through a well-defined methodology that results in a realistic and effective recovery plan. This team of trained facilitators has specialised management and IT skills to engage with both business and IT staff at your company. They help you create a recovery plan for restoring your business operations in the specific minute, hour or day intervals that you have established as your business objectives.

IBM Business Continuity and Recovery consultants will:

No plan can anticipate every possible recovery scenario. Our team of consultants has extensive experience developing recovery plans for clients in diverse industries. They understand complex systems requirements, and the unique continuity and recovery issues posed by real-time information systems, enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations and Web- based e-commerce solutions. They help you evaluate alternative recovery actions for different types of outages that could affect your business. Working together, we design a plan to help you recover quickly and resume the critical processes in your business environment.

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