Preemptive security

Manage on-line threats with confidence.

Conventional security methods respond to attacks only after they occur.Pre-emptive security from IBM Internet Security Systems (ISS) stops Internet threats before they impact your networks.



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Service details

The New Rules of Internet Security

The ISS protection platform is the new standard against which Internet security solutions are measured. It defines new rules for effective security:

1. "Pre-emption" beats "reaction" every time. With sophisticated new Internet threats, business losses are measured in seconds. No reaction can be fast enough.

2. The Internet security challenge is not about networks or hardware. It is about the software vulnerabilities in these systems. Vulnerability-based security defines the performance standard and pre-emptive approach.

3. To be effective, security must stay "ahead of the threat." Pre-emptive security applies ever-evolving intelligence and techniques developed from innovative research methods.

4. Online risk can be managed with confidence. With pre-emptive security in place, online risk is no longer a function of doing business.

5. Pre-emption lowers security costs by making security less work. By automatically stopping threats before they impact your business, pre-emptive security can dramatically reduce workloads and expenses.

6. Security can be a sure thing.With pre-emptive security delivered within an integrated platform, organisations can have comprehensive protection that is not only more effective, but can also scale, be centrally managed, and actually be guaranteed* to prevent business losses.

*Money-back guarantee (for Managed Protection Services - Premium Level only): If Internet Security Systems fails to meet the Security Incidents Prevention Guarantee for any given calendar month, Customer's account shall be credited the charges for one full month of the affected Customer's Monthly Monitoring Fee for each instance for which this guarantee has not been met. Please see ISS SLAs for more details.

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