Platform integration and deployment services

Accelerate planning, deployment, recovery and upgrades of end user devices with our consistent, worldwide processes for managing procurement, assembly and deployment.

Companies are worried about how your end user devices will perform when deployed in existing IT infrastructure? IBM's platform integration and deployment services has been specially designed to offer a single source for globally tested and effective services for deploying mainstream devices like PCs and special purpose devices like wireless devices, ATMs etc. These services are extremely beneficial when



Service detail

Service details

IBM Platform Integration and Deployment Services provides a one-stop source for the planning, design, order management, assembly and integration, and onsite installation of mainstream and special-purpose end user devices.

These services also include solutions-in-a-box—preconfigured hardware and software solutions tailored to specific business needs. Whether clients have PCs, wireless and mobile devices, kiosks, ATMs, point-of-sale (POS) devices or printers and other specially designed printing equipments, IBM can integrate and customize multiple end user devices to reduce onsite disruptions, help increase employee productivity and improve customer service—while freeing clients' IT staff to focus on creating new business value


IBM's platform integration and deployment services include

The IBM Advantage in Deployment

IBM's global factory model enables organisations to achieve higher efficiency and reduced costs by deploying, testing and configuring end user platforms through IBM's global facilities prior to deployment at your facility.

IBM's extensive experience in platform integration and deployment services ensures a swift rollout, improved employee productivity levels and enhanced service levels for your customers and clients.

Client success story

International bank — an international bank using business systems that were costly and labour-intensive to support was looking for a cost-effective, fast and efficient way to standardize its business platforms. The company wanted to avoid traditional deployment methods in which a deskside technician configures each PC on-site, disrupting business operations and degrading employee productivity. Leveraging IBM's global factory model, IBM platform integration and deployment services technicians configured the bank's PCs at its solution delivery centre (SDC) in Toronto, Canada, working on many systems concurrently and turning them around quickly. IBM professionals configured each PC according to the bank's predefined specifications to produce a consistent, high-quality solution on every piece of equipment. IBM then delivered all PCs to the bank's site, reducing the amount of effort required for the bank's IT staff to set up and run each piece of equipment.

Through IBM platform integration and deployment services, the bank has realised deployment cost savings of 63 percent while reducing deployment time from an average of 178 minutes per unit to 71 minutes per unit. The bank is also enjoying fewer disruptions to its business operations and has increased end user productivity. Because they leverage a simplified, proven process, installation technicians don't require the same level of expertise that deskside technicians need—resulting in lower labour costs. And because the PCs were configured to predefined specifications, rather than to requests from individual end users, the bank virtually eliminated execution errors. Deskside technicians are now free to focus on more revenue-generating activities and problem solving, rather than PC configuration. Furthermore, the company realised increased employee satisfaction, thanks to the technicians' ability to get PCs up and running quickly. Employees also enjoy the ability to easily upgrade their equipment using a Web-based order system that lists all software options by part number—simplifying the order process and minimising order errors.

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