Physical workplace recovery

If a disaster rendered your facility unavailable, where would you recover your business operations? Where would your people go? We can provide alternative facilities to enable your central or distributed workforce to regain access to information and maintain productivity.

If a disaster rendered your facility unavailable, where would you recover your business operations? Where would your people go if their offices were not available? The growth of distributed computing and the cooperative processing environments of today’s workplace demands a shift in focus from recovery planning to business continuity. For many businesses, the entire working environment has become the data center, making the protection of critical applications and information even more challenging. Just providing alternative end user space and PC equipment is no longer a viable strategy.



Service detail

Service details

Our recovery options for workplace environments provides a full complement of facilities, multivendor equipment, services and skills to support the continuity of your workplace no matter what form it takes. We offer a complete alternate workplace solution. Your people are your most valuable asset. We ensure that disruptions to your existing workplace do not affect the productivity of your work force.

Work Area Recovery Service provides you with low risk work area options to help you recover your business operations in the event of an unplanned interruption. Both Syndicated and Dedicated work area alternatives may be customized to meet unique configurations and requirements. The IBM-provided work area infrastructure is engineered to help support a variety of recovery resources and technologies?

Syndicated Work Area

Dedicated Work Area

IBM India is launching its Work Area Recovery center in Vashi,Mumbai. This facility spread over 25000 square feet provides space for 250 workstations; a raised floor area to house clientservers, network and communication equipments, Security Control Center, Conference room, Office automation products, etc.

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Benefits to clients

Leveraging IBM's Global Expertise and Infrastructure

Planning for disaster requires global resources. IBM's vast network and capabilities speak for themselves. We offer industry-specific expertise on a global basis. We maintain 154 resiliency centers in 55 countries. And with over 15,000 recovery contracts worldwide, we have the experience to help your company recover quickly—no matter where disaster may strike. India's Vashi center adds to IBM's global footprint of 30,000 seats.

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