Operational Support Services - for Wincor Nixdorf ATM cash services manager

Simplify ATM replenishment and deposit pickup

With ATM (automated teller machine) networks spread over a wide area, managing cash services can be time-consuming and costly. You need these services provided routinely and predictably so your ATMs will be available to your customers. And you want the cost advantages of forecasting cash utilisation.



Service detail

Service details

Designed to reduce impact on resources

Our project manager will handle the demanding, day-to-day tasks of problem and performance management of your cash services providers. You may elect to contract your own cash service providers or have IBM® contract them for you. Either way, we can verify and consolidate the invoices to help simplify your administrative processes and your tracking of overall cash services expense. Scheduled cash replenishment, consumables refills, deposit pickups and even deposit processing can be provided for your entire network.

Help save hassles and money with cash forecasting

Our optional cash forecasting can help keep your ATMs operating, even in high use periods. We'll identify and maintain a replenishment schedule to optimise the cash in your ATMs, and work with your cash services provider to help implement it. Forecasting may not avoid every emergency call for cash replenishment, but it will help you avoid the additional expense of having too little - - or too much - - cash in your ATMs.

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