Novus Storage Enterprise Resource Planner (SERP)

Service software that brings business intelligence to your storage infrastructure, allowing you to gain insight into how you are using your storage assets



Service detail

Service details

SERP collects data from many instances of SRM and asset tools, and provides a view of assets with respect to geography and business infrastructure that makes the following possible:

By correlating the data gathered from these SRM tools with existing sources of business information, SERP enables users to answer questions like "Where do reclamation opportunities exist and who do I need to contact to capitalize on them?" or "What equipment in what datacenters doesn't meet engineering specifications?" or "What are the trends for storage charges by cost center?". In cases like these business context becomes invaluable.

By providing a fully drillable, flexible and web-based interface SERP allows users to move rapidly from executive-friendly global summaries to very detailed information on filesystems, databases, array volumes, switch ports, NAS shares and much more. This makes SERP just as useful for engineers as for managers and executives.

Until SERP, attempts to answer these questions typically involved spending countless hours extracting usage information from multiple management tools, in a process that was inefficient and not scalable for large deployments. SERP automates this process, delivers scores of easily customizable reports, and scales to the largest storage infrastructures in the world.

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