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IBM's Storage Optimisation and Integration Services - transformation strategy offering, powered by the Management Complexity Factor (MCF), can be of tremendous assistance to you.

Discover the roots of complexity and cost to your environment

You’re struggling to meet service level expectations in the face of rapidly rising growth rates and shrinking budgets and you just can not wait the many months that it typically takes to assess your environment and come up with an actionable plan to begin optimizing it. IBM’s Storage Optimization and Integration Services - transformation strategy offering, powered by the Management Complexity Factor (MCF), will only take a few weeks to achieve what most consulting companies take months to provide.

Identify opportunities for operational improvements

Developed through years of field experience, IBM's MCF is a patented framework and methodology that enables rapid evaluation of eight essential metrics that can be used to measure any IT environment. MCF reveals the operational cost and stating issues associated with any component that makes up a business's IT infrastructure - storage, backup, and disaster recovery/business continuity.

Quantify the complexity

Some of the most difficult questions that you have to answer are "Where are the biggest issues in my environment?", "How do I can quantify the severity of my issues?", and "How much of a difference will addressing these issues make?". IBM answers these questions for you through the use of an MCF score that is calculated based on the complexity levels uncovered in 8 key areas, called metrics, of an IT environment.

The 8 metrics that IBM uses to measure an environment are:

Initiate improvements to service levels

IBM's MCF solution quickly and cost effectively analyzes your interconnected IT and storage environments, determining cost inefficiencies, dependencies and opportunities for improvement - both short-term and long-range. More than an assessment of current state, MCF looks at where you need to go and provides tactical, short-term activities that lead to strategic, long range improvement. You will receive a roadmap of activities, each tied to an MCF complexity score, enabling you to choose the steps that will most quickly improve your MCF score and as a result your operational costs.

Automate and streamline your environment

Your organization today is firmly stuck in a reactionary firefighting mode trying to cope with managing your existing environment while meeting the demands of new applications or capacity needs. This excessive effort can lead to human related outages due to improper attention being paid to the work or employee stress, burnout, and eventually departure. All of which has a significant negative impact on the success of your IT organization. By using the MCF to focus on implementing architectural best practices, streamlining, and automating the environment allows you to enable your IT staff to focus on the tasks that require their expertise and are of strategic importance to the organization.

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