Novus Enterprise Standardization Program (ESP)

Helps improve storage service levels, reduce operational errors, enable uniform operational processes across heterogeneous technologies



Service detail

Service details

Streamling operations across your technologies

Gain control of complex storage and backup environments by applying compiled industry best practices to your specific needs and environment.

IBM understands that although individual steps may differ, best practices are largely universal across heterogeneous environments regardless of the technology. With IBM Novus ™ Enterprise Standardisation Program (ESP), each operational process is married with step-by-step technical instructions on how to execute that process. Vendor toolset-specific instructions cover technologies from IBM, EMC, Hitachi, and Symantec.

The IBM Storage Optimisation and Integration Services - process excellence service provides analysis of existing client workflows, the customisation and development of ESP to meet the client's needs, as well as the integration of these customised processes into the client operations.

Driving standardisation using lifecycle-based processes and toolset-specific procedures

Deploying ESP in any environment is designed to deliver rapid returns. Developed through years of field experience with Fortune 500 customers, ESP is a time-proven framework that enables the rapid deployment of standardised processes that is distributed to operations staff via a wiki web portal. IBM Storage Optimisation and Integration Services - process excellence consists of the development of procedural documentation of 50 essential storage and backup operational processes customised for your unique environment. By using workflows which are built to be easy-to-follow, operations staff are walked through each of the steps needed to execute storage and backup operations.

Staff on-boarding and training

Most IT managers struggle with providing consistent levels of quality service. This struggle occurs due to varying staff skill levels, frequent employee turnover, difficulties in finding qualified candidates, the expense of training, and the rapidly changing set of hardware and software products in use within an organisation. ESP from IBM is designed to enable junior staff to perform the more routine tasks so that senior staff can be realigned to more strategic efforts.

Providing common auditable procedures to fend off compliance risk

With the focus on data security across the IT industry and now more so in the storage space, storage audits are becoming more common. Due to the many toolsets and manual processes associated with managing storage and backup, storage-related procedures are one of the most scrutinised. The IBM Novus Enterprise Standardisation Program is designed to mitigate compliance audit risk by delivering consistent and predictable task execution.

IBM Storage Optimisation and Integration Services - process excellence powered by Enterprise Standardisation Program (ESP) can help provide you the framework and methodology needed to deliver very high and consistent service levels, improve efficiencies, increase ROI, regardless of the underlying technology, while minimising the level of skill needed by the IT staff.

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