Networking Strategy and Optimization Services - Network Application Optimization

Maximize the effectiveness of your applications

With today's end users demanding anywhere, anytime access to applications, your organization is challenged to provide optimal performance and availability while also controlling costs. IBM Networking Strategy and Optimization Services - network application optimization delivers the skill and experience to help you assess your applications from a networking perspective and provides recommendations and product evaluations to support changing business demands-enabling your organization to maximize the value of your applications and your network.



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Service details

Protecting your investment in application development and deployment

Staying viable in a competitive, global economy means companies must continually strive to increase revenue and profit margins while streamlining business processes, improving end-user satisfaction and accessing new markets. To achieve this objective, your business has invested enormous amounts of time, money and effort on software, application development and application maintenance. But if your business applications are not continuously available or do not perform optimally, you can experience a significantly diminished return on your investment as well as lower customer satisfaction. And in today's complex IT and networking environments, pinpointing the root causes of poor performance and availability-as well as predicting the behavior of new applications or applications earmarked to migrate due to initiatives such as consolidation and virtualization projects, data center relocations and cloud computing-can be a time-consuming and costly challenge.

IBM Networking Strategy and Optimization Services - Network Application Optimization delivers application, networking and technology expertise to help you assess-and proactively prevent-the causes of poor performance and availability. Based on our expert evaluation of your application environment, your IT team is able to fluidly adjust its approach, helping to avoid unplanned expenditures and delays. And by examining new technologies, you are able to learn how much you can optimize application delivery over your wide area network, in and between data centers and for cloud computing environments to cost-effectively achieve higher application availability and enhanced performance.

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